Subcontracting of field engineers and aircraft mechanics for a specified period.

We recruit and subcontract teams of highly skilled professionals of diverse expertise. We rely on our records with aeronautical engineers and mechanics with FAA portfolios:
• AVI(B2) – avionics and electrical;
• CEL(B1) – mechanical systems and cell;
• GMP(B1) – power plant group.

Procurement, sale and distribution of aircraft parts and equipment worldwide

We from AirMod procure, sell and distribute parts and aircraft equipment around the world from our associated distributor, located in Delray Beach, Florida, USA.

More than only finding the part you need, we have the best logistic to send your part to anywhere in the world with FEDEX special prices.

Procurement, contracting and management of specialized service providers

We do the search for specialized aviation services as well as management and monitoring of service execution.

Maintenance planning and monitoring

We plan and supervise the execution of maintenance on your aircraft at its base or the selected service center.

Modification management

We manage your aircraft modification, from the pre-design to the delivery of the modified aircraft.

Monitoring of aircraft production at the factory

We monitor the assembly and manufacture of the aircraft at the factory, providing to you periodical reports regarding the manufacture timetable and interior completion of your aircraft.

Quality inspections for aircraft delivery

We hold the technical and documental delivery inspection of your aircraft. The following items are checked:

• Verification of all documentation required by the aircraft’s airworthiness authorities and insurance companies;
• Inspection of systems and components;
• Inspection of quality and manufacturing of the interior and exterior areas/parts;
• Evaluation flights;
• Final acceptance and monitoring of delivery agreements.

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