Consulting and support for on-site maintenance (scheduled and non scheduled)

Our technical support team of highly qualified and trained team is ready to provide consultancy and support scheduled and non scheduled maintenance in 24/7 shifts and we are ready to assist your aircraft, at its base or at the selected service center.
Our team consists of field engineers and technicians of all aeronautical specialties: avionics, interiors, structures, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, environmental, etc.

AirMod team has extensive experience in:

• Consulting in fault diagnosis on all aircraft systems;
• Consulting to adjust and repair systems according to specifications, technical drawings, manuals and defined procedures;
• Consultancy to review and repair aeronautical systems;
• Provide support to install and modify engines according to SBs (OEM service bulletins);
• Support for implementing OEM SBs;
• Supervise, support and document maintenance routine;
• Support scheduled inspections and heavy maintenance;
• Support retrofit campaigns;
• Support structural repair and corrosion prevention.

OEM (original equipment manufacturer)

Consulting in maintenance planning and maintenance costs

We provide consultancy to the suitability of your maintenance plan in order to increase availability of your aircraft and reduce costs.

We advise on maintenance costs, analyzing in detail all the factors that make up the costs related to maintenance and propose solutions to optimize your processes and reduce maintenance costs.

Planning of spare parts and ground support equipment (GSE)
Our team has several years of experience working with spare parts and ground support equipment (GSE).

We provide consultancy in planning of spare parts aiming to adapt your stock of parts according to the operating profile of your aircraft or fleet.

We likewise advise on planning and purchase of ground support equipment (GSE) in order to adjust your inventory of GSE in accordance with the operating profile of your fleet or aircraft.

Specialized consulting and training

The registered collaborators of AirMod represent an intellectual capital able to respond to the most diverse questions of countless areas of knowledge related to aviation.
Mentioned some example of the knowledge areas where we can fulfill your needs:
• Aerodynamics;
• Structures;
• Composite materials;
• Systems engineering;
• Knowledge management;
• Process improvement practices methodology based on LEAN;
• Process improvement practices methodology based on CMMI-SVC (Capability Maturity Integrated Model for Services);
• Project management.

In addition to the specialized consultings, we offer training in aircraft systems and aircraft maintenance.

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